Sunday, December 6, 2009

Auckland 1 Hour Champs Round 2 and 3 Wrap-Up

OK, so I should've posted these long ago (sorry... Slack blogger). Here are the reports for weeks 2 and 3. See you tomorrow night for round 4!!! Make sure you get to our last round on the 14th of December for the series prize draws including awesome prizes like stuff from Spoke Mag and series vouchers to the NDuro Summer Series (surely you have nothing better to do on a Monday night!). We'll also have a prize in our last round for best dressed rider... BE THERE!

Hey all!

Sorry for the belatedness of this week’s results… Internet problems (serves me right for living in the middle of nowhere!)

Wow, some hot competition at the top of the pack this week! Tom and Chickenman fighting it out for the honors, with Tom eventually winning by one second over the man of chicken (not only can he fix bikes, he can bloody well ride them, too!). Piki (Sasha Smith) taking out the Women’s race this evening by a fairly comfortable margin.

Another great turnout from the young ones… Plenty of JAFA kids in attendance and also a fantastic turnout for the ladies this week. Have to say I am constantly stoked to see so many parents joining in the fun cheering everyone on and some even taking part in the race itself (awesome!!!)

There are some more photos which I will endeavor to add to the Auckland 1 Hour Champs facebook page this arvo which you can view if you click here. There is also an awesome li’l video put together by Fish which I will post in the next couple of days. Keep an eye out for it!

Tonight marked the middle of the series. 2WEEKS TO GO!!!

Thanks to Suse who helped clear the course after the race.

Massive thanks also goes out to series sponsors who are supplying some great prizes (Click to visit their website). Without them we wouldn’t have awesome races…

Bike 75
Go fast Sports
Spoke Magazine

See you all next week!

Another beautiful evening at Riverhead forest and the trails were running mighty fine and fast.

This week’s loop was just a little longer and saw riders battling it out right through to the dying seconds of the hour, with most riders finishing their final lap within the last 2 minutes and Andy finishing with a mere 9 seconds to spare!

The youngsters ruled the roost again this week with Kurt Standen taking out the men’s and Sasha Smith cruising her way to glory over the women’s field. We’re so stoked that she saw the funny side of us doing a 5 second countdown to the finish line even though she had a whole 3 minutes spare… There’s some photos of tonight up on the event page on facebook… Check them out here

Series points are looking a little different though, and it definitely seems that the key is participation with our two series leaders, Natalie and Fish, been riders who have completed both races (and let’s face it, that’s what having fun on your bike is all about!). Looking forward to seeing what next week holds. Remember, we have some awesome spot prizes to give away each week and even awesomer (is that a word???) end of series prizes, like NDuro summer series entries, and awesome prizes from Spoke Magazine, Bike 75 and Go Fast Sports. You need to be there to win your prize!

Massive thanks goes out to series sponsors who are supplying some great prizes (Click to visit their website)…

Bike 75
Go fast Sports
Spoke Magazine

Also big thanks to Chickenman and Raewyn for their help marshalling tonight and to Clark for helping clear the course afterwards.

Take care, and for those of you riding Taupo this weekend, go hard… There’s no other way to do it really, is there???

Peace out

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