Monday, June 14, 2010

Adidas Supernova glasses product review

I was pretty excited a couple of weeks back to pick up my new pair of Adidas Supernova glasses from our good friends at Euro Optics. I've had some time to test them out now and I am nothing short of super impressed. The Supernova is designed as a multisport glass which is helmet compatible (and they do fit really well under a helmet)

The first ride I headed out on was a drizzly cloudy day on the road bike... Out of the driveway and straight up the hill, usually surefire conditions to cause glasses fogging, but no signs of fog as I climbed the first ascent, or for the rest of the ride, for that matter. It rained on me that day, and I didn't get water in my eyes. My initial ride with the new glasses had me quite stoked. The other thing I noticed, which is especially awesome on the road is that because the glasses have a blade design, they don't hinder your peripheral vision, so you can glance back for cars (or in a race, competitors) without having to crane your head around too far.

My next test run was out in the forest at night. I swapped in the clear lens and headed out with my lights through the forest. The lens swap system is really quick and easy. I also noticed how incredibly light the glasses were, and with the clear lens, you would be forgiven for forgetting you were even wearing glasses. Great protection but no restrictions, and once again, no fogging.

Next time out with the glasses was a mountain bike race in the rain and mud... Perfect conditions for pushing equipment to it's limits. It was cold, wet and muddy. The LST technology used in the lenses helped improve the contrast between light and shadow and, even though I was using a fairly dark lens, I didn't have any problems seeing under the forest canopy, or any problems with glare out on the open trail. Once again, I noticed very little fogging and at the end of the ride, there was plenty of mud on the outside of the glasses, but none in my eyes.

The things I love most about the Adidas Supernova glasses:
1. They don't fog
2. You have full, unhindered peripheral vision
3. They are super light
4. It's easy to swap the lenses out
5. They look damn cool (check out the pic)

In general, I've always found Adidas glasses a much better fit for my small face, and many of their glasses come in a small and a large size to cater for us littlies. Check out their designs at the Adidas Eyewear site. There's heaps of cool styles to suit any type of activity. There's also plenty of lens options available.

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