Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mountains to Beach Day 3 - Ay-Up Dawn Raid

Well, I finally have internet access! Thanks Suse for keeping my blog updated... She does a more informative job than me!

We rose at 4am this morning and put on the Ay-Up lights for the Ay-Up Dawn Raid. The stage was 26km long and held in Buckenderra, where we'd spent the night before. No large brekky this morning, so it was an hour and a half time trial in the dark on little more than a piece of toast and an iron will. The trails were quite rutted and rough in places, but as the sun rose, it made it all worth it to see the colours dawn across the hills with the misty lake in the foreground... Magic... I won the female category of the stage in 1hour 26minutes ahead of second place by a minute and a half. Ay-Up team mate Andy Fellows won the men's division, showing everyone just why Ay-Ups are the best mountain bike lights on the market.

The lack of food put me in a slightly less than sociable mood immediately after the race, but we then had a 40km "cruise" stage which was a great opportunity to spin the legs out on our way to Cooma, where we have the afternoon off and are spending the night before the Verofit "Big Day Out" tomorrow... An 89km race stage followed by a 41km cruise stage which has us finishing in the beautiful coastal town of Bermigui.

Feeling good now... Food, rest and a bike clean and I'll be back into it again tomorrow. Currently in first place for female general classification, 13 minutes ahead of second place.

Peace out!

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