Monday, October 17, 2011

Coming Home

This week was my last big week in a hard block of five, so it was always going to be tough... Having said that, over the last 5 weeks, I was yet to miss a session, which I was pretty stoked with. Tuesday saw the beginning of a little throat bug and unfortunately Wednesday saw me miss my first session, which was my weekly hill session with Sasha, so I was rather bummed about that! I nursed my way through the week and hit the trainer on Friday and had quite a good session, then hit the road on Saturday for a 3 hour road ride and felt really quite strong (except for the lovely headwind along Napier road coming home!), so I thought I was all but over it. I still had a sniffly nose and a bit of a sore throat, but I must admit I am not the best judge of when to pull the pin on a session (I can be quite hard on myself like that).

Sunday morning brought a gloomy grey day with plenty of morning rain, so I decided to postpone my 4 hour session to the end of the day when it was supposed to clear. I spent the morning catching up with John and talking about all sorts of cool stuff like our long weekend ahead, jersey design and Le Petit Brevet coming up in about a month... There was heaps to get excited about, and I had a new Camelbak to try out with this cool little hydration meter thing on it that tells me when I haven't drunk enough, so when I got home and the sun was out, I didn't think twice about jumping on the bike. So I headed off, my plan being to head up Turitea Street, over Greens Road, up back track, down Scotts Road and then back the same way... I calculated it should have been about 4 hours and 1600m of climbing... Not a bad way to polish off a hard week and head into an easy week. When I set out, I didn't feel quite right, and my heart rate sat quite low, which is fairly normal after a hard stint, so I thought not much of it... As I started getting into the hills, I struggled a bit so decided to back it off and just cruise out my time and get some good seated hills in (it was a beautiful afternoon, after all!)... As I descended Scotts road down to the furthest point of my ride, I started getting really cold and coughing and generally just not feeling good, so I decided to pull out and head home along the road as opposed to heading back over the hills (still nearly 3 hours of riding). It was a good decision to make because today I felt pretty ordinary, and I just wonder if I maybe should have decided to rest up and not go out yesterday... It's always a tough call to make, especially when you think you feel fine and it's a stellar day.

So this week is occupied with a couple of things. I headed in to see Barbara at TLC Sports today for my recovery massage (my reward for five weeks of hard work on the bike) and she gave me some tips on stuff that might help me shake this little cold by the weekend. I have plans to do the Whaka 100 on the weekend and it's not really the sort of ride you do half cooked or at half health, so I am really focused on making sure I feel "good" by Wednesday and feel "great" by Friday. All going well, I'll be hitting up the trails in Rotorua on Saturday for the race and then heading to Whirinaki to do the Moerangi Track on Sunday with one of my Aussie mates who I haven't seen in some time! In other exciting news, I gave my credit card a beating the other night and purchased a new Go Pro camera, so fingers crossed that it rocks up in time for the weekend so I can get some footage while I'm out and about (then I'll have to figure out how to post it here to my blog!!!).

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