Saturday, May 19, 2012

Final Blog Before World Champs

So it's finally here. WEMBO 24 Hour Solo World Champs is tomorrow. Registration completed this afternoon, support crew on the ball with our pit area, and the Ninja is all dressed up with her race number, words of inspiration, and a few phrases from songs I wouldn't mind having stuck in my head for the 24 hours (anything is better than the Lady Gaga that usually mysteriously makes it's way into my head).

This isn't a long post... It's just me checking in to say that I feel good (albeit rather nervous). I feel positive, and I'm going to give it my best shot. This trip has changed me in ways I could never have imagined. People have come into my life and had an influence that will stay with me forever and I have experienced things I will never forget. This race... Well, I have a really good feeling it is going to be another experience I will never forget with people who have changed my life in their own way.

Live race updates should be getting uploaded to and the rae starts at 1pm tomorrow (11pm Saturday NZ time). I feel ready, and prepared... Now it's time to go and rip it up!


  1. Good Luck in the race tomorrow!! Seems like you are pretty good prepared. Will be fun to follow the race and see how it goes. Best wishes, "the pale rider" from last friday in Finale Ligure ;)

  2. Your feelings hit my cursor on the website We Feel Fine.

    Megan, be conscious to embrace the journey and experiences learned. Most especially the relationships formed with other human beings also competing. These are the things that endure over within our minds over the long haul.

    I have found that trophies simply accumulate dust and after I threw all of mine away the memories still were there of the journey.

    The finish line is simply a place on the Earth in which other similar humans, that day, happen to all pass at the exact time they are suppose to pass. But it is not really the finish line but the rather a start of another game within our mind.

    I wish you all the best for an incredibly enjoyable day on this voyage we call "LIFE".

    Jeff from Chicago (for another 13 days)

  3. Hey Megan, it's Carlo from Riva del Garda here. I now you are riding right in this moment... Be strong my friend and keep up your pace! Good luck;-)