Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Yesterday I Crashed My Bike

So I was riding in the forest this evening and this poem started to etch itself into my brain... I have no idea why... I never even really write poetry... So I got home and wrote it down to share...

Yesterday I crashed my bike
It’s something that I didn’t like
I found a tree and hit my head
It filled me with a sense of dread
The pain I felt just hung around
As I lay there on the ground
No one there to pick me up
I felt alone and out of luck
I vowed never again I’d ride
I’d lock myself up warm inside
So as to counter further threat
I’d fall again and meet my death
But once I locked myself away
I lacked the feeling that I craved
And the risk I thought had been so real
Now appeared to be no big deal

Yesterday I broke my life
A bit of unexpected strife
I couldn’t buy another one
This one I had no longer fun
I was upset it seemed so bad
But forced to work with what I had
I realised I could make it mine
And mould it from moments in time
Moments that were bright and clear
Were moments that I held so dear
The moments that I wished would stay
Those moments always went away
But awful moments were the same
They always went as quick as they came
A moment it was and all that it is
Good or bad, it is what it is
Those moments weren’t for me to hold
But to enjoy and let go, and learn to be bold

Today I climbed a mountain top
Eventually I had to stop
For there was nothing left to climb
Above me just the bright blue sky
And laid out right in front of me
Was the whole world for me to see
And things I never thought I’d touch
Those things were now within my clutch
The sun that shone upon my face
And once my only saving grace
Now warmed my brave and weary soul
And energised me as a whole
It finally made so much sense
This world that always seemed immense
Was something that I did create
Through those moments I made my fate

Yesterday I crashed my bike
In hindsight it was kinda nice
It taught me to get up once more
To create a life I could adore

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