Friday, July 24, 2009

Beary cool track... Run along now...

Today I had the pleasure of dragging Haydn's jetlagged ass around the course I will be riding for 24 hours over the weekend. The course has changed significantly overnight with the removal of the coal chutes, which means most riders will have only ridden the true course once or twice before the race.

We were lucky enough out on the trails today to come across a grizzly bear strolling across the course having a feed. He hung around for 15 minutes, then headed off towards the next bit of single track... Needless to say, we were a little cautious and nervous continuing on after seeing him.

Some food shopping and bike tuning and time to turn in for the evening... Registration and briefing tomorrow... 2 more sleeps...


  1. A bear in the middle of the night, that'll be even more exciting than the cows hiding on the course on at woodhill on the night race.

    At least it'll make you stop thinking about Gareth in a bikini.

    Good luck, Brendan

  2. Do bears shit in the woods? According to popular belief....yes! ...and now we know a couple of Kiwis who have joined them!!
    Good luck!! Mum & Dad