Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lucky number 8 it is...

2 Days to go and feeling good!!!

I was stoked when I rode the course again today and put in a hot lap 5 mins faster than any lap I have done... And felt good at the end. Great way to finish my taper and then a massage and hot tub to freshen up the legs a bit. Bring it!!!

Caught up with Tony Hogg yesterday for a ride and dinner. Man, that dude is quick! I'm no slug on the bike, but he's gonna be one to watch.

Competitor list and pit allocations came out late this afternoon. Unless things change, I've picked up number 8 this year... I would like to say I resisted the urge to google my competitors, but the temptation was far too much. It could be a good thing or a bad thing that I can see the Women's field this year is very strong, and probably largely due to riders making the trip to try and strip Rebecca Rusch of her 2-year standing title. I am under no false pretences that this will be a tough race... 24 Hours is a long time and anything can happen... I'm going to ride the best race I can.

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