Friday, May 14, 2010

Red Centre Enduro Day 5 (the last one!!!)

So, I needed 7 minutes on Emma Bradley and Rebecca Ormsley to move back into 5th spot... It was going to be no mean feat and I knew it would depend on how fresh my legs could feel after the night stage the day before. About half way through the stage, I was feeling pretty maxed out and still sitting in the same bunch as the two girls I was trying to get time on. To make it even tougher, they were tussling to get time on each other. Another seven minutes in the bank was looking pretty unlikely, so I decided instead of flogging myself for nothing, I'd sit in a bit and enjoy the stage. Today was the most technical stage we had ridden, and along with a couple of creek crossings and some pretty rough and loose "4WD track" (I really doubt a 4WD would have been able to go along it, but I guess they have to describe it somehow!!!). My legs were so trashed I kept looking down at my wheel to check if it was flat! I think the flat out time trial yesterday had taken it's toll.

So, in the end, a 7th place in general classification. Not a bad result considering the strength of the field. Some good people met and good friends made. Roll on the good times!!!

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