Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Arch Hill Hot Lap Series #2

When the rain came down just before 6pm, I was having thoughts of having to pack up and go home for lack of interest... Lucky I didn't because we doubled last week's numbers!

The rain made for a pretty interesting evening. There were many stories of freak meetings between shoulders and trees, and we were lucky enough to witness Charlotte's amazing dismount on her first practice lap. She somehow managed to come off her bike on the first switchback and slide down the hill in the mud (a well-earned spot-prize, that one was!)

With the absence of Tom "the Whippet" Fox this evening, the evening's hottest lap could have been anyone's, and it went to Single Speeder Hayden Russell with a lap of 6min 43sec (not bad at all considering the conditions and the extra 50m on the start of the track). Our first female hot lap for the series was set by Charlotte Delamore. Both of these guys went home with a nice warm possum fur beanie from Bike 75. Our fastest male lap (non-single speed) was Daniel Alexander, who will be enjoying some of the fine flavors of Grind Coffee and a voucher to help start his spending spree at Bike 75.

Big thanks once again to Suse for setting the riders off at their start times, and to Brendan Doherty from Auckland Mountain Bike Club, who, despite the cast on his hand, still dropped by to help out. Also big ups to Ian Robertson for clearing the course, and Charlotte Delamore and Andy Fox who helped us pack up the finish area. It got me home half an hour earlier for my 6am training session the following day, so it's very much appreciated!

We have 2 Mondays left to go. Remember that we still have series hottest average lap honors up for grabs. Just to clarify, to qualify for hottest series average lap, you must have completed AT LEAST 4 laps during the series. Your average lap time will be the average of your 4 fastest laps during the series. Be there this coming Monday for some more great prizes from Bike 75, Grind Coffee and Spoke Magazine.

REMEMBER, we have 2 sets of AYUP V2 LIGHTS to give away at the end of the series on our final evening (Monday 9th of August). The more weeks you enter, the more chances you have to win. You must be there on the evening to collect your prize!

Results for this week are below... See you next Monday!!! Let's see if we can double our numbers again!

Name Lap time Category
Hayden Russell 0:06:43 SS
Hayden Russell 0:06:57 SS
Daniel Alexander 0:07:09 M
Tim Galea 0:07:22 M
Daniel Alexander 0:07:25 M
Russell McFarlane 0:07:55 SS
Steve Williams 0:08:03 SS
James Service 0:08:05 SS
James Service 0:08:06 SS
Russell McFarlane 0:08:07 SS
Kevin Ash 0:08:10 M
Jamie Jamison 0:08:10 M
Hayden Russell 0:08:11 SS
Steve Williams 0:08:13 SS
Kevin Ash 0:08:18 M
Steven Delamore 0:08:32 M
Gareth Evans 0:08:36 SS
Nick Strachan 0:08:43 M
Stephen Dealamore 0:08:44 M
Andy Fox 0:08:49 M
Nick Strachan 0:08:53 M
Andy Fox 0:08:54 M
Gareth Evans 0:09:03 SS
Andrew Durno 0:09:23 SS
Luuk Batonburg 0:09:23 M
Ian Robertson 0:09:23 M
Charlotte Delamore 0:09:29 F
Charlotte Delamore 0:09:42 F
James Service 0:09:43 SS
Ian Robertson 0:09:56 M
Luuk Batonburg 0:10:11 M
Stephen Dealamore 0:10:13 M
Adam Q 0:10:18 SS
Ian Robertson 0:10:22 M
Luuk Batonburg 0:10:23 M
Charlotte Delamore 0:11:12 F

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