Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Arch Hill Hot Lap Series #3

We obviously had mother nature on side on Monday night to get one single day break in the rainy weather to have such a superb, clear evening. I was lucky enough to have an extra set of hands for the evening (thanks to Andrew Blanchard), so I headed out on the trails with the camera to catch some of the action. The trails were still pretty slick, but from what I saw, most riders handled the conditions admirably well (with the odd curse word here and there).

Another good turnout this week and some pretty close racing and very hot laps. Tom Fox took out the evening's hottest lap only 7seconds ahead of Hayden Russell on his single speed, and Raewyn Morrison took out the ladies category. These guys each took home some awesome prizes from Spoke Magazine.

Big thanks to Suse and Andy for helping out with timing this week, and to Ian (once again) for volunteering to clear the course and help pack down the tent at the end of the evening. Also to Andy Fox, Elliot Pearce and Andy B for helping with packdown, too (I apologise if I missed a name here!).

Results are below. Next week is sadly our last week of racing for this series, so make sure you get there. We still have our major prize draw where you have the chance to win one of 2 AYUP V2 kits or a cool pair of Adidas Evil Eye glasses and all the usual goodies from Bike 75, Grind Coffee and Spoke Magazine. We'll also calculate and present the series hottest average lap for the gals, the guys, and the single speedsters on the night and there'll be some equally hot prizes up for grabs. Remember, you need to be there to collect your prize!

I'm off to Brisbane on Friday for the Ayup Dusk to Dawn 12 Hour at Canungra... Can't wait! I'll see you all next Monday!

Name Lap time Category
Tom Fox 0:06:10 M
Hayden Russell 0:06:17 SS
Tom Fox 0:06:17 M
Hayden Russell 0:06:33 SS
Hayden Russell 0:06:41 SS
Tim Galea 0:06:50 M
Ash Hough 0:06:53 M
Elliot Pearce 0:07:05 M
Dan Alexander 0:07:27 M
Dan Alexander 0:07:29 M
Russell McFarlane 0:07:37 SS
Russell McFarlane 0:07:42 SS
Raewyn Morrison 0:07:46 F
Elliot Pearce 0:07:51 M
Raewyn Morrison 0:08:02 F
Russell McFarlane 0:08:03 SS
John Colthorpe 0:08:06 M
Raewyn Morrison 0:08:07 F
John Colthorpe 0:08:07 M
Kevin Ash 0:08:09 M
Kevin Ash 0:08:14 M
Jamie Jamison 0:08:26 M
Jamie Jamison 0:08:29 M
Dan Alexander 0:08:35 M
Kevin Ash 0:08:39 M
Stephen Delamore 0:08:45 M
Kirk Austin 0:08:46 SS
Gareth Evans 0:08:49 SS
Stephen Delamore 0:08:57 M
Ian Robertson 0:09:01 M
Ian Robertson 0:09:03 M
Andy Fox 0:09:08 M
Luuk Batenburg 0:09:24 M
Charlotte Delamore 0:09:26 F
Stephen Delamore 0:09:31 M
Charlotte Delamore 0:09:33 F
Charlotte Delamore 0:09:34 F
Ian Robertson 0:09:59 M
Luuk Batenburg 0:10:00 M
Gareth Evans 0:10:00 SS
Luuk Batenburg 0:10:01 M
Andy Fox 0:10:09 M
Ash Hough 0:10:10 M
Kirk Austin 0:11:36 SS
Kirk Austin 0:11:44 SS

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