Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mountains to Beach Day minus 1 - Travel, travel and more travel

So my excitement of the impending race was to be temporarily thwarted by some 14 hours in transit over the short space of 24 hours.

It started with the plane trip from Auckland... 4 hours to Sydney, then a short sleep (3 hours) followed by a 5 hour drive to Narooma, then a 5 hour bus trip to Thredbo... PHEW! Glad that's over.

I successfully flitted the time away boring my old-time and new-found friends with poor renditions of numerous songs including "I feel good" and "You're so vain" (I know you're singing them in your head right now as you are reading this!!!). I also spent the time trying to get information from people who raced last year about the course. "It's easy", "it's steep", "it's gravelly"... Everyone's opinion of last year was different.

It's funny when you come along to a race like this. So many things can happen in 5 days and it's so difficult to know what to expect... I think after doing a couple of these, I've learnt that you just don't expect anything and trust that once you get on the bike, it will all come together and make sense...

Anyway, finally time for a good night's sleep. Registration in the morning and a li'l bit of a ride around... Should be good fun. Can't wait to get the legs moving again after sitting idle for the last day!

Stay tuned for updates!!!

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