Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Summer NDuro 3

The last round for the series and it was great fun (when is 50km of Redwoods trail ever not fun???)... Some rain the night before made the tracks a little slippery and with Mountains to Beach coming up in a couple of weeks, I was admittedly a bit of a nana down some of the sketchier bits, but my climbing legs were in fine form, which is good news with a 370km stage race 2 weeks away.

The course was awesome. It's been really refreshing having Cabin design the courses this series. There were some great trails in there including Hot X Buns, Rollercoaster and Sidewinder (backwards).

My Giant Anthem X and my new Adidas eyewear ran well, so second place was a great high to finish on after last week's Puhoi win. This week, I've just come off a 5 hour training ride and this weekend I'm riding the Bev May Women's road tour. Then it's taper time into Mountains to Beach. I'm actually looking forward to that flight to Oz so I can sit down and do nothing for 4 hours!!! Ha!

Peace out!

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