Sunday, August 15, 2010

Arch Hill Hot Lap Series Wrap-Up

First of all, let me apologise for the lateness of these results, but I have a good excuse... You see, Friday, I started work at 7.30am, then left work at 11am to catch a plane at 3pm. Got into Brisbane and put my bike together, went to bed, drove to Canungra the next day, raced overnight, then caught a flight back which arrived in Auckland at midnight on Sunday, got home and into bed by 2am, up and off to work at 7.30am on Monday and then ran the Arch Hill race on the Monday night... The rest of the week was a blur and a write-off, and whilst I had good intentions of doing the results much sooner, before I knew it, the following weekend was upon me. PHEW!!!

So without any further ado, results for race 4 and series average laps (for those of you who did more than 4 laps over the series) are posted below. Congrats to Tom, Hayden and Sadie, who did our fastest male, singlespeed and female laps for the evening. Our hottest average laps for the series were taken out by Charlotte Delamore for the women, Tom Fox for the men and Hayden Russell for the singlespeeders.

It was great to see such a good turnout this week and I'm really impressed with how well the Arch Hill trails have held up over the last 4 weeks, especially in the rain. This is a testament to the quality trailwork that went into building them. I'm going to try and organise a trackwork day at some stage soon. Watch this space! The highlight of the evening was certainly the suspense of waiting to see who would win the major spot prizes and the Fox family (Tom and Andy) cleaned up by winning the wicked Adidas Evil Eye glasses and a set of Ayup lights!!! I promise this was not rigged! Gareth Evans also scored himself a set of Ayups. The other spot prize that deserves a mention is the one that went to Ian Robertson for his yellow leggings with red flowers on them. He leads the way in urban cycling fashion and for his efforts, he took home some Grind Coffee.

Thanks very much to our series sponsors, without whom this stuff would not happen. We're really quite lucky to have such quality prizes to give away. It was also great to have Clint from Bike 75 and Sadie from Grind Coffee along on our final evening.
Bike 75
Ayup Lights
Grind Coffee
Spoke Magazine
Adidas Eyewear
Auckland Mountain Bike Club

This week's results:
Name Lap time Category
Tom Fox 0:06:08 M
Tom Fox 0:06:12 M
Tom Fox 0:06:18 M
Hayden Russell 0:06:24 SS
Hayden Russell 0:06:33 SS
Hayden Russell 0:06:43 SS
Tim Galea 0:06:43 M
Elliott Pearce 0:06:49 M
Elliott Pearce 0:07:19 M
Dan Alexander 0:07:21 M
Logan Callesen 0:07:23 M
Logan Callesen 0:07:27 M
Logan Callesen 0:07:28 M
Russell Mc farlane 0:07:35 SS
Tadeas Mejdr 0:07:36 M
Logan Callesen 0:07:42 M
Dan Alexander 0:07:44 M
Kevin Ash 0:07:51 M
Russell Mc farlane 0:07:51 SS
Tadeas Mejdr 0:07:52 M
Jamie Jamison 0:07:53 M
James Service 0:07:54 SS
Tadeas Mejdr 0:07:59 M
Sadie Parker-Wynyard 0:08:00 F
Jamie Jamison 0:08:10 M
Martyn Pearce 0:08:15 M
Kevin Ash 0:08:18 M
Martyn Pearce 0:08:20 M
James Service 0:08:25 SS
James Service 0:08:35 SS
Gareth Evans 0:08:37 SS
Gareth Evans 0:08:53 SS
Simon Galea 0:08:57 M
Stephen Delamore 0:09:04 M
Ian Robertson 0:09:05 M
Hugh McIntyre 0:09:14 M
Stephen Delamore 0:09:15 M
Ian Robertson 0:09:17 M
Stephen Delamore 0:09:18 M
Hugh McIntyre 0:09:35 M
Andy Fox 0:09:36 M
Ian Robertson 0:09:36 M
Luuk Batonburg 0:09:40 M
Charlotte Delamore 0:09:42 F
Andy Fox 0:09:45 M
Andrew Reid 0:09:52 M
Tim Galea 0:09:54 M
Charlotte Delamore 0:09:58 F
Charlotte Delamore 0:10:06 F
Luuk Batonburg 0:10:22 M
Andrew Reid 0:10:37 M
Luuk Batonburg 0:10:53 M
Kirk Austin 0:12:09 SS
Kirk Austin 0:12:15 SS
Kirk Austin 0:12:30 SS

Series average hot laps (for those who completed more than 4 laps)... Sorry, they aren't in order. I lost my patience with excel...
Name Category Average time
Andrew Reid M 0:10:09
Andy Fox M 0:09:07
Charlotte Delamore F 0:09:30
Dan Alexander M 0:07:21
Elliot Pearce M 0:07:16
Gareth Evans SS 0:08:44
Hayden Russell SS 0:06:27
Ian Robertson M 0:09:08
James Service SS 0:07:54
Jamie Jameson M 0:07:47
Kevin Ash M 0:08:06
Kirk Austin SS 0:11:04
Logan Callesen M 0:07:30
Luuk Batenburg M 0:09:37
Martyn Pearce M 0:08:08
Russell Mc farlane SS 0:07:41
Stephen Delamore M 0:08:44
Tim Galea M 0:07:42
Tom Fox M 0:06:06

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