Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cape Epic Campaign Postponed to 2012

After painful and careful consideration, I have decided that I won’t be in a position to race at this year’s Cape Epic in South Africa. The decision was certainly not an easy one to make and took into account a number of factors including finance, injuries and not being able to find a suitable race partner in time.

I have contacted the race organisers and they have been kind enough to arrange for my entry from this year to be transferred to next year’s race, so whilst I’m a bit disappointed I won’t be going to South Africa this March, I’m excited that I now have a whole year to prepare for next year’s race properly, with a semi-confirmed team mate and a genuine opportunity for a good result and some good coverage opportunities for sponsors instead of a whole heap of last-minute arrangements that I feel could have made for a very disappointing race for myself and also my supporters.

Plans for this year now are to spend the year training and competing in a bunch of NZ races so I will still be out and about. Keep an eye on the "upcoming races" tab to the right of my blog for what's coming up next!!!

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